Monday, May 4, 2009

Personal Trainer North Vancouver - Weight Loss Workout

Personal Trainer North Vancouver - Weight Loss Workout

1. 50 s on, 10 s off Five-Exercise Circuit Training Workout- 25 Minutes Total

5 Total Rounds

Exercise #1 - Wallball

Exercise #2 - Push-ups

Exercise #3 - Side Plank

Exercise #4 - Inverted Row

Exercise #5 - Plank

2. 20 s on, 10 s off Two-Exercise Circuit Training Workout - 4 Minutes Total

8 Total Rounds

Exercise #1 - Jump Rope

Exercise #2 - Squat Thrusts

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Hotlanta Bodies Fit Camp said...

I like it looking good brotha. Your girls who are getting after it no doubt!

Tyron R. Piteau said...

Thanks Benson! Yeah they're rippin' it up.

I'm to the point now where I get them to REALLY push themselves as that is what will pay off for them the most and thus they'll be most happy with the results in the end.