Saturday, January 19, 2008

Do You Want To Learn How To Exercise And Get Results?

I know its obvious so don't worry about answering.

There are many many fat loss books out there on the market, some good and some, well lets just say, maybe not the best.

I am a huge proponent of getting results and not fluffing around in the gym (and I reckon you are the same way as who wants to waste time in the gym of all places).

There are other things I would rather do than spend time in the gym let along train effectively and not get results. Now coming from a trainer and exercise enthusiast, you may be shocked, but don't get me wrong I love training, but there are just other things that take priority. So if I'm going to train or train a client, I'm going to do it to get results.

To get the kind of results I'm talking about, i.e. losing fat and keeping it off, consider reading either one of these books.

For men or women:
The New Rules of Lifting

Specifically for women:
I have learned a myriad of things from Alwyn Cosgrove (one of the authors of both books) and I can tell you he knows his stuff. He has 250 clients ranging from athletes to fitness competitors to your everyday client training at his facility in California and they get RESULTS! That's probably why he named his business Results Fitness.

In the New Rules for Lifting For Women you'll learn:
1. Learn why the terms "toning, shaping, and sculpting" need to be banned from your vocabulary.
2. The treadmill is probably the last thing you need to be doing. While it is a tool, it's not a necessity for fat loss.
3. No, you won't become "big and bulky" just because you're lifting weights.
4. Prolonged calorie restriction is the wrong come?
5. In all actuality you may need to eat MORE to attain your goals.

It essentially tells women that they don't need to spend an inordinate amount of time on the treadmill, perform hours of yoga, or shy away from lifting any significant amount of weight. The mainstream media has hooped women (and men for that matter) into believing this stuff. Now with either the New Rules for Lifting or the New Rules for Lifting For Women you'll learn what works and gets results.

Resurrect the body YOU were created to have,


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