Thursday, January 6, 2011

Years With An Eating Disorder - North Vancouver Boot Camp

Part 1

Part 2

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p.s. If you are totally happy with your dream body
then DO NOT read this.

However, if you may be just a little off track with
your health and fitness goals, I think this may be
perfect for you.

We're looking for 10 people total (8 spots left) who want to get fit and have fun, all in a non-intimidating environment by joining our 6 week body transformation program.

It’s 6 weeks of “no-nonsense” workouts
and eating right.

And after it’s over, you’ll love your body again.

I’ve discounted it to just $249 for the entire 6 weeks of
unlimited workouts, my nutrition system (this in itself is worth
the entire program as you'll be set for life nutritionally-speaking
as you'll KNOW exactly how to continually lose weight week after week
without fail and you'll have me by your side for lifetime follow
up and coaching), before and after pics, and body fat analysis.

To get registered just call me at (604) 626-2342.

I’m sending this email out to over 500 local residents and I
only have 10 openings (8 left) so call me right away at (604) 626-2342.
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