Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st Annual Pumpkin Fat Loss Workout Video

I've got something special for you today...actually two things.

First, just last Saturday, Nov. 1, I held my 1st Annual Pumpkin
Fa.t Loss Workout where the entire workout revolved around using
just a pumpkin!

You may be thinking, "Oh that I have to see."

No problem.

I filmed part of the event so if you want to see how a workout can
revolve around a pumpkin click the link below.

Pumpkin Fat Loss Workout

Don't miss out next year as we're going to crank it
even more!...however with more costumes and pumpkins though.

Second, a colleague of mine, BJ Gaddour creator of Workout Muse,
audio cardio interval soundtracks, put together a FR.EE audio on
how to survive the holiday bulge.

Some of us are dangerously on track for the typical 5-10+ lb weight
gain that the average American faces during the post-Halloween
months of November and December.

So what he decided to do was gather some of the best fa.t loss
experts from around the world to do a no-holds barred holiday
survival roundtable to help YOU save your waistline this holiday

Click the link below to listen to this amazing F.R.E.E podcast
where we spill the beans about the training and nutrition
strategies that we have collectively used with thousands of people
to maintain, if not lose, weight during the holidays:

Holiday Survival Roundtable Podcast

There is simply a ridiculous amount of f.r.e.e content here.

And please be sure to forward this email to any friends or family
members to whom you feel may benefit from it ;)

Look Better Naked Boot Camp

Your Look Better Naked Solution...Guaranteed!

P.S. Keep a look out in your email inbox as there may
be a Christmas event coming up that you won't want to miss...think
weighed candy canes!

P.P.S. Oh by the way, we raised $120 for the Water for Life Foundation!
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