Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do You Believe In Miracles?...if not, read this!

I have a rather interesting story that happened to me on just this past Saturday.

If you don't believe in miracles now, I hope this story will move you closer to believing in them.

On Wednesday of last week I dropped my hockey skates off at a sports shop in my area to get sharpened and some repair work done on them.

They said they'd be ready in a day so I thought as long as I get them before Saturday at 6pm I'd be fine as I had a game that night at 9:30pm.

So Saturday comes along and I completely forgot to pick them up until 6:30pm, which is a slight problem as they closed at 6pm.

I called the store's two numbers quite a few times in hope that someone was still there working on something, but to no avail. They had left.

My mom suggested I swing by the store in hopes that someone was in fact there but just wasn't picking up the phone.

I thought it'd be a waste of time as I would drive all the way there to only experience what I knew.

But thank God for moms, she insisted I go and in fact said she'd drive as she was pretty persistent.

So we get to the shop at around 6:55pm and I make a beeline for the door. After a few minutes of standing there calling the shop's two numbers and make a call to the captain of my hockey team and am leaving him a message when I see this dark image moving in the shop towards me.

Out of shock I see my mom walking towards me from the inside.

One of the employees opens the door and allows me in and my mom relates to me how she got in.

So while I was standing at the door my mom drove to the back of the building and as she was driving back there she noticed a car parked in the area right behind the shop.

She mentions she went right up to the car, beeped her horn, rolled down the window and told the driver WE NEED SOME SKATES!

Thank God he in fact worked there.

Here's the amazing part. He mentioned that he was driving with his wife to go to some event and just felt he should go back to the shop and make a call on his cell to a friend (as he didn't want to drive and talk at the same time).

He said he's never done that before but just felt like he should just go back to the shop. So in that few minutes that he would have been there, my mom showed up.

To me that's a miracle. As what are the chances of him going back to the shop when he's never done that better and being there at the exact time we showed up.

If you don't believe in miracle hopefully this has changed your mind some.

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