Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are You Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Efforts?

Do you want to know one of the best things you can do to kick start you losing weight WITHOUT even exercising?

It's really easy.

Do you want to know?

If so, then...

...Ditch ALL calorie containing drinks (including fruit juice).

In fact, all of your drinks should come from non-calorie (zero) containing beverages. Fruit juice, alcoholic drinks, and sodas - these are all to be removed from your daily fare. Your absolute best choices are filtered water and green, black, white, or herbal teas. The few exceptions to this rule are protein shakes and workout drinks. Water consumption should equal half your bodyweight in ounces per day.

Start today...don't wait until the weekend, do it now.

If you start implementing that simple rule today, think of how many calories your body WON'T have to struggle to work off.

If you are currently having 1 Starbucks Latte on work days, that amounts to 190 calories per drink and 950 calories per 5 day work week. Think about how much easier it would be to drop that weight you've been wanting to drop for some time now by just cutting out 1 drink per day!

And to think most people aren't just having 1 Latte a day but are also consuming a pop or two, a glass of fruit juice (which really isn't good for your health and is in fact making it harder for your body to lose weight as it's essentially just sugar water), and not to mention a glass of wine or beer at night.

Now think how many extra calories that would be on top of the 950 from the Lattes.

We gotta start giving our bodies a fighting chance.

Not convinced? Do a 2 week challenge and see if you don't feel better and have your clothes fit better. At the 2 week mark, I'd love to hear from you and the changes you've seen.


Do you want to add exercise to cutting out calorie drinks and slim down even more, lose unwanted belly fa.t and melt away those troubling
fa.t spots?

Then come out to Get Results Boot Camp and get your 1st 2 weeks

And to make it even sweeter, you'll get an additional 2 weeks
FR.EEwhen you bring a friend, family member, or coworker that signs
up for an entire 4-week camp.

Not bad eh?

My next boot camp begins today Wednesday September 10. It runs for 4
weeks until Friday October 3, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
evening from 7:15-8:00pm at the BFit Personal Training Studio
(across the street from the North Shore Auto Mall).

Send me an email at or call me at
604.626.2342 to reserve your spot!

Visit for more information.

Also, if you wanted to see what sorts of things we do in the camp,
feel free to check out the videos HERE (however try not to laugh!).
I know you'll enjoy them.

Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll see you out tonight Wednesday
September 10 for your 2 weeks FR.EE.

Read what sort of results you can get if you come:

"Starting boot camp on June 19 '07, I was challenging myself to see
and feel some good results. I took a before picture and weighed
myself just for fun. Not even two full weeks into the camp and I've
lost 15lbs. It is now Aug 10 '07 I've completed 7 weeks of Bootcamp
and have lost a total of 20lbs and gone down 2 sizes in my clothes.
I have always wanted to train in this way but I never knew how. In
this Bootcamp I am able to push myself or take it easy it's up to
me but the fact that it's only 45 minutes makes it easier to really
push myself and there is so much variety that you almost forget
that your working so hard. I have experienced such great results in
such a short period of time, I encourage anyone that is discouraged
with their exercise program and wants to have some fun and
challenge themselves to come and join in on the camp - you'll love
it." - Jodi Hearn

"I'm in my second round of boot camp. I've had a great time. The
people are amazing and the workouts are fun. Best of all I've lost
10 pounds and 1 pant size!" - Julie Hirst

"I have lost a lot of inches since the beginning of the bootcamp,
most of them after I started the nutrition plan. It's fantastic! I
can wear pants that I was wearing two years ago, before I gained
all the fat. I feel great and I have a lot of energy. My weight
also dropped by 6 pounds since the beginning of the nutrition plan.
The tailor had to take inches off my wedding dress because it was
too big!" - Emmy Vallee
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