Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick Recipes To Get You Started

To follow up with what I said yesterday about choosing high quality
meal alternatives such as IsaLean Shakes and IsaLean Bars by
Isagenix and adding them to your nutrition plan, I want to mention another resource
that may be of benefit to you. Visit www.Tyron.Isagenix.com for
more information on Isagenix supplements (for wholesale prices
please contact me).

I've had clients ask me on different occasions when we're either
talking nutrition or going over a plan for them, what recipes I

Not being a chef and considering my cooking is pretty bland, you
know a mix of steamed veggies with half a cup of ground turkey and
hald a cup of adzuki beans, its great for me but doesn't
necessarily appeal to the masses so an
alternative was in need (side note: if you haven't tried adzuki
beans I HIGHLY recommend them however do follow the proper way to
prepare them at this link

The resource is called Gourmet Nutrition. Its a 288 page full
colour, softcover cookbook that comes with:

1. Over a 100 recipes
2. Colour photos of each recipe
3. Full nutrition data for each recipe
4. Large and small serving sizes
5. Post-workout and anytime meal classifications (this one is key
as it helps you know which types of foods you should eat post
workout to optimize your training efforts and to lessen or markedly
reduce fat storage).
6. Meal plan templates
7. Cooking strategies and tips
8. Tools and equipment list
9. Grocery list
10. Food preparation instructions

I heard the author, Dr. John Berardi, touch on it at a lecture he
was presenting at a few months ago. Everyone doesn't necessarily
want to eat like me (even though I think its the best...hehe jj) so
to help people get the results they want I need to provide them
with the food THEY want and I believe this resource can do just that.

If you need some help or just want a few tips and pointers with your
meals visit the link below to read more about it and to pick up your
own copy. Visit

Another tool to help you in your search to resurrect the body you
were created to have.

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