Tuesday, September 13, 2011

North Vancouver Boot Camp Shares 25 Fall Slim Down Tips

Avoid a steady diet of this!
1. You can never out exercise a bad diet. I have mentioned this to people for a few years now and its so true. Start eating whole foods and stay away from junk (duh on the second part...but the first part, remember that you can NEVER work off a caramel frappucino with some cardio)...wish it were so.

2. When eating out make sure you ask the waiter to fill up your plate with two servings of veggies rather than the mandatory carb that comes along with it.

Do as Popeye :)

3. Write down goals for yourself. Don't type them.

4. Make sure those goals are so out of this world that everyone will be looking at you like you are crazy. Shoot for the stars and you'll end up in the clouds. It's so cliche but true.

Are your goals this big?

5. Take a before picture of yourself. Front, side and back. I can hear the jeers now...you'll be happy you did.

I bet she's glad she did.

6. Front load your carbs in the beginning of the day. On workout days you can have more than normal carbs. Non workout days I would really watch it especially at night.

7. Drink water. A dehydrated body will not lose fat. Half your bodyweight in ounces per day is a good gauge.

...well maybe not that much ;)

8. To burn the most fat in the least amount of time, 99% of the time do full body circuit training workouts with little to no rest in between exercises except for a longer rest between cycles.  Check out www.MakersBody.com for these types of workouts.

You gotta push yourself and...
use weights that challenge you.  Good work all of you!

9. Don't take fat loss advice from someone that doesn't look like they practice what they preach.

Probably not the person you want to take fat loss advice from.

10. You will end up living up to the expectations of everyone else around you. Put yourself in the company of people who have achieved what you already want to achieve.

11. There is no one perfect fat loss program...but the one you are consistently doing.

Ya this can always help to push one just a little bit harder...

12. There are only a few fat loss principles. "Fat loss is simple: 1) Eat less, 2) Exercise, 3) Repeat, 4) Forever." - Lyle McDonald

13. If you mess up (which you will eventually do) don't beat yourself up for slipping up. Focus on the solution rather than the problem.

14. Thoughts equal things. Focus on what you want ie. Flat stomach, toned thighs etc..rather than what you don't want ie. "I don't want to get fat", "I don't want to eat badly" etc..

15. Always aim for the "Afterburn effect". Afterburn happens when you end a workout but an hour later you are still sweating from the workout. This is your metabolism on FIRE. This is done through different forms of circuit training, tabata training, etc. just like we do at boot camp and personal training.

Is your metabolism roaring like this after a workout?

16. Buy clothing that is a size or two down from what you normally wear. Make it your goal to fit into that piece of clothing in two months.

17. Fitness classes (Step classes, fake weight classes, tae-bo, Zumba classes, etc...) are fun but ineffective at helping you burn fat and achieve the body you want to achieve. Do them for the fun of it, not for the body sculpting changes.

18. Classes that focus on stretching are good for developing an injury resistant body but horrible for fat loss. An average stretching/yoga type class burns 130 calories. Sweeping your floor burns 130 calories.

19. Doing exercise with a friend is the best way to stick to a workout program.

Maybe without the costumes though :)

20. If you do exercise with a friend, make sure they are AS SERIOUS AS YOU ARE in terms of achieving your goals.

21. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE don't do long boring cardio. Do burst training instead, i.e. hill sprints :). See http://tyronpiteau.blogspot.com/2011/08/quick-workout-to-blast-your-abs-and.html

22. Adopt a long term mindset when trying to achieve a goal. Nothing happens overnight. We live in an instant gratification society where we want things done FAST. Tip: Consistency is key. Not a flash in the pan type of approach.

23. Stop rationalizing. We rationalize and lie to ourselves to soften the blow. We gotta be radically honest with ourselves and push for the solution.

24. Stay outside of your comfort zone as much as you can. Doing uncomfortable things will result in more confidence, more growth as a human being and more skills.

25. To lose fat, you MUST create a caloric deficit and the easiest way I have learned to do this is through your diet, not just exercise.  The combo of the two is the most effective, but you won't be able to see significant change in your body just exercising, research studies have shown otherwise. 

Don't just do this...

but this too!

Bonus: Intensity EQUALS results.

Leave it all on the floor.

Just focus on your goals, persevere and you'll get to where you need to be in no time.

Your friend,
Tyron Piteau 

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Thanks to Dustin Maher of Fit Moms For Life in Madison, WI for sharing the 25 slim down tips. Dustin runs a bootcamp in Madison. I edited and provided my own two cents worth from what Dustin shared.

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