Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Quick Workout to Blast Your Abs and Boost Your Metabolism

One of the simpliest workouts you can do to work your whole body, get your abs tight and strong, boost your metabolism, and get your cardio done in between either your boot camp or personal training sessions is hill sprints.
Doesn't necessarily need to be this steep but it sure burns!
After most of my own workouts, I head outside and perform hill sprints. They are so effective at boosting your metabolism and working your core that you will most definitely fill your abs for a day or two afterwards.

Normally what I do is about 7-10 sprints each for 10 seconds and then resting and walking back down for 50 seconds. 
What you can do is find a hill and sprint up it as fast as you can and then walk backwards down the hill and repeat until you get 5-20 total sprints. Depending on how long the hill is you can either sprint to the very top and then walking your way down for the rest or do as I do and sprint for 10 seconds (use a stop watch) and walk down/rest for 50 seconds.  This will be one of the most taxing 20 minutes of your life, ha ha! 

If you are not ready for sprints or think your body can't handle it right now then go up the hill at your own pace either a fast walk or light jog and then as you get stronger and your body adapts and gets more used to it, progressively make it a little harder.   There's no need to hurt yourself as you can get good results with making it a fast walk/jog if that is where you are at.

I enjoy hills because running up them is much easier on the joints as you don't need to decelerate as much as flat or downhill running. It's really an incredible whole body workout and if you do it with the right intensity and really pump your arms, you're abs  will be sore for a couple days afterwards as mentioned above.

Plus, walking backwards is a great way to actively recovery, mobilize your ankles, and stretch your calves and hamstrings.

If you want to take it to the next level, grab a partner and a pair of resistance bands and do some resisted uphill running, switching roles every round (shout out to the band man and RBT.com).

Give that workout a shot and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. 

Your friend,

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