Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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You know those kids vitamins like flinstones or whatever, I know they are not the best for the kids but I have some so I will just finish what I have but I am wondering if there is a child vitamin that you recommend.

Good question (sorry for taking so long to answer). Without going into too much detail I would say don't use those or give them to your child.

Some vitamins, namely vitamin C, B12, A, and E, are manufactured in China which has less than ideal safety regulations which is evident with the recent pet food scandel and reported instances of toxic food and toothpaste. Check out this link for more info on it

That being said I would agree with Dr. Mercola that a vast majority of your vitamins and minerals should come from the food you eat. Like he says, You can’t “make up” for a poor diet by simply adding vitamin supplements.

It reminds me of the analogy of the two boats. Boat 1 is build with good strong wood and golden nails to hold the wood together. Boat 2 on the other hand is made with rotten, junk wood but is roughly held together by golden nails. Which boat will survive the turmoil out at sea? Boat 1 of course.

This is similar to our bodies. If we eat junk food, processed food (rotten wood), and very little fruit, vegetables, and protein but take a good multivitamin here and there (the golden nails) our bodies will be like that ship out at sea, not being able to resist the attacks of life. We need to build our bodies like Boat 1 with good "wood" i.e. food and then as extra "insurance" use the "golden nails" i.e. a multivitamin/mineral.

If you did want to take a multivitamin as insurance, I would suggest either:
AOR's Multi Basic 3

Resurrecting the body you were created for,

p.s. Any questions please feel free to ask by dropping me an email at tyronpiteau@gmail and I'll hopefully answer it sooner!
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